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BLiNG Entertainment and Events is a professional services company, composed of creative and knowledgeable team members dedicated to providing the best entertainment and event services to meet your needs. As a full-service entertainment and event consultation company, we partner with numerous talents and collaborate with various entities to bring you the best of the best in the event industry. We are more than agents and planners – we are YOUR event partner!

WHAT we can do for you

We are a one-stop event solution. We simply your planning process by offering services ranging from full service event management to individual event components such as providing quality entertainment, contract negation, and/or booking an entire weekend of entertainment (with BLiNG serving as your singular point of contact).

If you are a talent performer, BLiNG can help assure that your creativity gets the exposure it deserves. We submitting acts for consideration for all types of events and specialize in negotiating terms and details to ensure a fair and valid contract. Please visit our Artist Submission page for additional information.

OUr mission

BLiNG Entertainment and Events not only acts as an events platform for hosts and planners, but also as a trusted resource for artists and entertainers. We are committed to personalized service for all stakeholders, ensuring quality work, unmatched results, and overall satisfaction.

  • OUR GOAL IS TO INSPIRE. We achieve this by creating healthy work environments and by guiding personal and professional growth for all clients, team members and entertainers.

  • OUR GOAL IS TO CREATE. We have experiences event professionals that have an arsenal of industry knowledge and resources – we will bring your vision to life one way or another.

  • OUR GOAL IS TO ELEVATE. We minimize the time and stress planners or hosts encounter during the planning stages of an event. We work directly with planners, event hosts, and vendors to add creativity, value, and ease to the event by minimizing the time and stress related to planning.

Events are our passion. We love what we do and will continue to uphold our reputation of being the most service-oriented, value-driven and creative entertainment and event company in Colorado.

Mission Statement

BLiNG Entertainment and Events aspires to be the partner of choice based on four core values: Integrity, Innovation, Quality, and Passion. We act with honesty and refuse to compromise our professional integrity and moral compass. As a result, BLiNG hopes to further build loyalty and value for our clients, employees, industry partners, and the communities in which we operate. We determine our success not only on the quality of work we output, but also the relationships we build along the way.